We all experience times of brokenness in our lives, employees lose motivation, job performance drops, companies lose money.







Employee brokenness exists
in many forms, some of which
are not readily evident. At times
the issues may go beyond
management’s comfort level
or ability to assist with.

Asking for help is hard. A significant amount of time exists between when a difficulty arises, and when an employee will reach out for help.







Elevate exists to remove barriers and make it easier to receive the help needed during a difficult time.







As Employee Care Specialists, we build relationships and create trust by being present in the workplace on a regularly scheduled basis.







4 things you NEED to know about Elevate


We work to create, sustain and foster movement from areas of brokenness toward wholeness by providing individualized empathetic assistance, guidance, advice and referrals to other professional and community resources.


We offer a truly confidential relationship built on trust, honor and respect for each individual.


We are present and proactive, striving to help employees seek resolution to their problems before they become a larger crisis.


We match our Employee Care Specialists to your work environment to help remove culture and language barriers, giving you the most effective employee care possible.

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